Off Lease Portal

The ideal management tool for the overall inspection process

The Off Lease Portal is a useful management tool, through which the various departments of an organisation gain insight into the overall inspection process.

The inspection report can be retrieved on the basis of the licence plate number, including the exact agreements that were made regarding the chargeback for damage costs and remarketing purposes. Any damage is recorded with the necessary comments, in accordance with the protocol of the leasing company.

By means of an interface link that is easily available, this can be quickly implemented into the systems that are used by the leasing company.

Thanks to the many years of experience that Macadam has had with the various operating processes used by leasing companies across Europe, we can quickly respond to the process requested by (new) customers. Various types of statistical information are also made available on this Off Lease Portal system.

  • User friendly

    A user-friendly internet application protected with login and password.

  • Link

    Because of the unique link, the platform can be linked to the best known CMS and DMS.

  • Complete inspectionreport

    The inspection report can be requested per license plate with exactly the agreements made for charging damage and remarketing purposes.

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