Make an appointment at your convenience

With MyMacadam, you can handle quite a few matters yourself. You can conveniently make an appointment for an inspection, for example, for a driver change or when your lease contract comes to an end.

Independent report in 3 steps



Make an online appointment to have your car inspected. Where and when you want.



An experienced independent inspector visits you at the location of your choice. The employee carries out the inspection and immediately records any damage and the associated repair costs in the inspection report.



After the inspection, the employee and you both sign the inspection report. You will receive the report by e-mail.

Inspection at a particular location?

Make an appointment directly, where and when it suits you. What can you expect from this inspection? Watch the video.

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What do we expect from you with regard to the inspection?

The vehicle that is presented for inspection must, of course, be clean, both on the outside and on the inside.

The following are general guidelines as to what must be present in the vehicle for the inspection:

  • All the keys (including the master key and code card);
  • The vehicle's registration documents;
  • The vehicle’s service and instruction booklets;
  • All accessories that are included in the lease agreement;
  • Any software required for the navigation system;
  • The full set of on-board equipment (including the jack, warning triangle, spare wheel, etc.)
  • The green card and, if available, the latest MOT report;
  • Both licence plates and any additional licence plates;
  • If the vehicle is an electrical/hybrid car, all the appropriate (charging) cables.

Please consult the website of the leasing company for any conditions/requirements specific to your leasing company (for example, seasonal appointments such as summer/winter tyres).

Looking for your inspection report?

You will receive your inspection report as soon as possible on the e-mail address you have entered.